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About Kevin
KEVIN W. KELLEY artist, entrepreneur, and author of the NY Times and international best-selling books The Home Planet (1988), and "Embracing Earth,, New Views of our Changing Planet (1991), is now creating Infinitaas™ - a new paradigm for visualizing and exploring Big History and Earth Systems Science.

The Home Planet is a large format book of stunning photographs of Earth taken from space, accompanied by quotations from astronauts and cosmonauts reflecting on the profound effect of experiencing Earth from the perspective of space. Over 600,000 copies of the book have been printed and distributed worldwide in 11 languages, and it remains the largest co-publishing venture between American and Russian publishers.

Embracing Earth, New Views of Our Changing Planet, co-authored with Payson Stevens, was the first book to present an integral perspective of the earth's five interconnected systems: the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the chryosphere and the biosphere. It was Chronicle Books’ lead volume in the fall of 1992.

After a period of running World Perspectives, a company providing images of space and the planet to the publishing and advertising industries, Kevin became involved with a number of start up companies, including one he co-founded intended to put the first Earth-looking TV camera into orbit.

In 2009, with partner Rachel Bagby, Kevin co-founded Metanoiaa™, a design and production organization. Metanoiaa's breakthrough visualization technologies, social media, and artistic civic engagement strategies are designed to:
• Show audiences our place within time, space, and the unfolding processes of our cosmos
• Create collaborative understanding, conversation and capacity through social media
• Engage people through an ecological and earth-systems literacy program to take wise action towards developing global civilizations capable of truly flourishing
• Help guide the successful transformation of human society 
in an era of rapid world change

Kevin’s musings about our place in the cosmos have resulted in the development of Infinitaas™, a revolutionary way to visualize anew our journey through time, space, evolution and human history. Infinitaas is a real-time, interactive, 4-dimentional visualization technology, open source platform and temporal interface for exploring and conveying Big History and Earth Systems Science.

Using the best of contemporary science and technology, combined with stunningly beautiful animations of our Earth, Moon, Sun, Solar System and Galaxy - this visualization instrument:
• Offers a previously unavailable, almost visceral, understanding of our place in time;
• Has special emotional impact;
• Advances greater Earth Systems literacy;
• Enables people to easily grasp our exponentially growing impact on--and vulnerability to--global change; and,
• Provides better understanding for navigating the challenges facing our species

Infinitaas has been hailed by Dr. Brian Swimme as “a new tool for human discovery comparable to the telescope and microscope - destined to change the consciousness of the planet.”

Kevin is also a founding member of the Overview Institute.

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