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About Rachel
Rachel Bagby, J.D., (Stanford) an award-winning pioneer in the field of arts and civic engagement, is a mentor for emerging leaders and a renowned vocal artist. An author, composer, and founder of Choral Earth, Rachel sang soprano in Bobby McFerrin's international touring ensemble, Voicestra.

Rachel originated Dekaaz, a poetic form and facilitation tool that quickly teaches groups of many kinds to easily distill the essence of vast amounts of information into just 10 syllables. Since 1976, Rachel has enjoyed being a guest lecturer/artist-in-residence at universities in the USA and South Africa in departments of Environmental Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

A sustainability innovator, Rachel has penned numerous articles and anthologized essays on renewable energy and the art of thriving in diverse communities for leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine.

Rachel is also a graduate of the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute, the Donella Meadows Sustainability Institute Fellowship program and a founding Board Director for Green for All. She belongs to the Advisory Councils for the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society and the River of Words program, co-founded by former US Poet Laureate Robert Haas. In 1999, Rachel published her first book: Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women's Voices.

For 25 years, Rachel has combined her diverse education with her inspirational singing voice to lead a range of training and mentoring programs around the world; from youth leadership seminars to creative workshops for businesses, schools, and health institutions seeking transformational outcomes.

Rachel has received a number of awards recognizing the influence her body of work has in diverse spheres. Among them, a Bioneers Award and the 2008 Artist of the Year award from the Arts and Healing Network.

With Kevin W. Kelley, Rachel is co‐founder of Metanoiaa™, a design and production organization whose breakthrough visualization technologies, social media, and artistic civic engagement strategies are designed to:
• Show audiences our place within time, space, and the unfolding processes of our cosmos
• Create collaborative understanding, conversation and capacity through social media
• Engage people through an ecological and earth-systems literacy program to take wise action towards developing global civilizations capable of truly flourishing
• Help guide the successful transformation of human society 
in an era of rapid world change

Rachel’s work with Kelley takes audiences on a tour of Infinitaas™ a revolutionary way to visualize anew our journey through time, space, evolution and human history, leading them to a profound and resonant understanding of our roles and responsibilities as human beings in our vast universe.
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